About Us

CharisPACE is a training and consulting firm specializing in transforming the pace and space of your operations to give room for growth, cost reduction, profitability and efficiency to delight your customers and stakeholders.

We are dedicated to understand your needs so that we can meet your requirements from strategic planning to project implementation of short and long-term projects. We provide systematic, timely and sustainable solutions to improve utilization of various types of resources to achieve your organizational objectives.

With expertise in industrial engineering, operational improvement and program management, CharisPACE partners with organizations to implement, improve and optimize. Applying industrial best practices, proven working models, practical methodologies, and hands-on experience, our team of experts will influence your growth and profitability.

The organizations’ profitability depends greatly on its effectiveness in optimizing its resources such as people, equipment, space, materials and overheads! Our mission is to understand your needs, provide suitable solutions and scale up capabilities of people managing resources in an engaging and compelling manner. We offer to help clients reduce their overhead cost by outsourcing industrial engineering function to us on periodic or adhoc basis.

We nurture people to learn, unlearn, relearn, and apply new skills at work place immediately and continually making our solutions unique and sustainable. We follow-up closely to bring tangible changes in approaches and processes complementing individuals’ potentials and organization’s systems and processes, to positively impacting the bottom line.

Are You Facing These Challenges Now?

  • Do you have a well trained Industrial Engineering (IE) team to deliver the necessary results?
  • Are you facing high turnover for IE staffing? Do you need help for IE support until you find a suitable staff?
  • Are you having concerns that your manufacturing capacity planning information may not be reflective of its real potential?
  • Is your capacity assessment to fulfil customers’ demand taking too long?
  • Do you have appropriate leadership needed in the IE organization to lead the team to meet the organizational targets?
  • Are you having a concern that your IE team lack strategic approach due to overwhelming fire fighting modus operandi?
  • Do you have an effective process for Capex budgeting to actual spending control?
  • Do you have an experienced team with systematic approach to drive product unit cost improvement and updating revised standard cost?
  • Are all your major cost items measurable based on production volume with accurate in depth understanding of fixed and variable components?
  • Are you facing constraints in your operational capacity and would like to avoid further capital asset investment unless you are absolutely certain that their potential utilization are optimized?
  • Are you facing labour hiring challenges and you desperately need solutions to minimize labour content in operations?
  • Are you looking for strategic options to optimize your resources to achieve your objectives?
  • Are you facing space crunch for expansion and are desperately in need of solution?
  • You are struggling with factory layouts that are creating inefficiencies.
  • You want to create a cost effective flexible layout considering future expansions and process changes.
  • You want to build a new factory with a LEAN layout (with optimised materials, WIP and people flow) meeting all health, safety, environmental, security, future product demand and technologies, and stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Are you planning for factory or production lines relocation or consolidation without jeopardising your commitment to customers but you don’t have someone internally to lead?

Our Approach

We want to listen to you: Your needs, your pains

We want to help you achieve the goals & the benefits

What are working now?

What are not working now?

We talk to all key stakeholders.

Which are the acceptable proposed solution(s)?

Which are the priorities and deadlines?

Our target is delighting our customers.

We seek feedback to continously better serve our customers.